Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's Been a Week...

What a week it's been. Let's recap...

 Tuesday - at ER til 2 am.

Wednesday - work and Mother-in-law's surgery to put pins put in her elbow - apparently the bone shattered into more than 25 pieces.

Thursday - DH though mom had a stroke, left work to spend evening at hospital

Friday - Work & hospital & late dinner carry out- 1 am call from hospital, she fell out of the bed there

Saturday - hospital trip, lunch out, back to hospital, dinner out

Sunday -- DH slept late, I did laundry and cleaned up my stamping area. Hospital, Visit with his brother & wife, grocery, home for late dinner of fajitas. And I cheated...I bought the pre-baked chicken at the grocery for the fajitas. [no, I'm not super-wifey].

And just listened to phone messages and his paternal aunt passed away today. It has been a week, but we will get through it. Now to see if Mom can get out of the hospital and return to the Alzeimer's home or if we are in for skilled care. may be a couple of days before I post cards again.


  1. Oh, Dawn what a week you've had!! Being about a month later now, I hope that your MIL is feeling better and that things are a bit more relaxed for you now. Thinking of you and hugz from me in South Africa!

  2. Thanks Petra -- MIL had her elbow checked today, pins are in for 3 more weeks. Thanks for the hugs all that way cross the ocean!