Thursday, July 11, 2013

Buzz & Hoot/WOYWW#214

I made this cool card for a friend who likes owls. 
I saw the basic card in the Cardmaker Quick and Easy Cards Spring 2013 magazine. 

For my card, I selected the Buzz & Bumble papers and traced the owl shape for the card base by hand.

First, I folded a piece of a paper in half and cut it out so that the sides of the owl were equal. Then I put it on piece of folded card stock, cut it out, and layered the Buzz and Bumble paper on top. I made matching wings and punched circles for the eyes and trimmed the nose out in a coordinating paper. I inked these parts with Buttercup inks. A button with double twine bows finished the front and I stamped a thank you on the inside. The twine and button were from the package of accessories included in the CTMH Buzz & Bumble Hostess Packages.

I am using this as my WOYWW belated submittal.

I had it on my workdesk and took a picture of it. Not staged, this is the table where I was putting it together. I just put my scissors down and picked up my phone.

At the time, I did not know that my mother-in-law -- 2 months shy of 90 -- was going to fall and break her arm badly on Tuesday. She has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home in an Alzheimers unit and just fell while she was going to bed. We spent Tuesday night at the emergency room with her till 2 a.m., so I didn't get any new cardmaking done in time for the WOYWW post. Hence my belated post!


  1. Ah this is cute, don't you work neatly! Am afraid that a lot of people will pass this over because the WOYWW isn't in your post title and it's got thursday's date. Not a problem you see, but mostly we look for wednesday dates if there's no title! Simple folk, easily caught out!! Am so sorry for yor poor MiL, it's hard enough to help them anyway, I think you have a lot of work on your hands gal, great good luck.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Hope to stay on time and do my postings properly from now on...have removed word verification thingy, so that should helped (and thanks to Anne for the reminder).
      I don't work neatly...but when I am working on a project, I try to clear a spot. I am lucky because I have 3 work surfaces for stamping, and if one is full, I just move - LOL! I cleaned up my stamping table this morning, so I'm ready for new projects, after we get family stuff sorted. Take care!

  2. Fabulous Owl - that's soooo cute.
    Sorry to hear about the MIL.

    Happy late WOYWW.... I thought I'd finished and you snuck in on me :-D

    IKE xx # 93

  3. Hi there I am very late with my visit. I had thought I had visited all I'd promised to :-) those who visit me, those I regularly follow and then those ending in same number as me that week. In this case I was at number 50!! I was away Friday and Saturday and when I looked today you had snuck in at number 130!!!!
    Love the owl and am sorry to ear about M.I.L. hope the arm mends.
    Anne x #50
    Have just popped back to say that most folk on WOYWW remove the word verification thingy. You will probably gt ore comments that way. It tends to put folk off. x

    1. Hi, Anne! Thank you for even a late visit -- and for popping back about the word verification thingy...I didn't know it was on, but I have now changed it! Thank you so much! It's been a LOOOOONNNNGGGG week. I hope to be able to finish a quick MOJO card tomorrow, but now I will need a sympathy card for DH's uncle. Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!